A Word From The Chairman

A Word from The Chairman

When you look at a map of Africa, you cannot help but notice that it is in the shape of a human heart. It is a majestic land of natural beauty, it was the cradle of ancient civilizations, and its beating heart lies in the lives and potential of its people. As such, it is essential that Africa cultivate the ability to communicate within itself and with the broader world in a better way.
To increase communication and connectedness , some people may pave a road, construct a bridge, or establish a means of transportation, but we’re geared to contribute to this vital communication by providing sustainable energy, telecommunications, and Internet access. Through these essential services and goals, we will open the eyes of the world to the unique beauty, potential, and value of this great land. This task is not an easy one, but neither is it impossible. This will be the next step in the epic story of Africa’s development, resulting in a land where everyone that participates will enjoy the sustenance of peace, opportunity, and stability.
Our dream is to provide energy, telecommunications, and affordable Internet access across every inch of Africa. Achieving this dream of the African people is one of the most important issues that we currently face. We want to share our vision with as many people as possible in order to make it a reality. Let’s call this dream “Africa 2020”.


Chairman – Kadhim Zain

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