A Word From The Chairman

A Word from The Chairman

Look at the map of Africa, doesn’t it look like a human being? Is it not the land of rivers and trees? Is it not the cradle of ancient civilizations?

It is worth connecting with each other and with the world more and more. To be connected, let others continue paving the way or building a bridge or providing a means of transport, but the contribution of AACID to the provision of clean energy, communication and the internet.

This means we make communication a unique way having a flavor of all tropical fruits and having melodies of water falling from the sources of rivers and the scent of salty sea winds mixed with stability to make a creative continent in everything. This is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. It is the epic of building Africa where there is no loser. Whoever contributes, will enjoy prosperity, peace and stability.
I dream that energy, communication and the internet will be available and cheap in every inch of the land of Africa and that this dream will bring the people of Africa… Let us call this dream “Africa 2020”.

Chairman – Kadhim Zain

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