We offer cutting edge technologies that is designed and integrated specifically to meet African environmental challenges. We are working hand-in-hand with local service providers to deliver reliable and affordable communication services from infrastructure of fiber optics and mobile/fixed access networks to vertical value-added systems and applications that boost the utilization of communication infrastructure.

We’re looking forward along with our local partners to be the most trusted services provider that helps end-users, from both individuals and corporates, giving them the opportunity to communicate better and more space to focus on their core activities and maximize benefits.

As Nokia Networks partner, AACID offers a full range of ICT solution including but not limited to fiber optics infrastructure, 2G,3G,4G, and 5G mobile networks, voice and data fixed networks, content delivery and value-added service platforms, data centers, and e-government infrastructure.

Communication infrastructure

The main focus of AACID program and projects is in communication infrastructure, the supply gap is still big in the region demand is growing exponentially considering the huge number useful Internet applications on personal and business levels. AACID is promoting for full range program from backbone networks that connects major cities and interconnect countries to last mile metropolitan fiber and mobile access network offering end-users reliable and affordable voice and data capacities.

Datacenters and cloud infrastructure

Centralized data centers and cloud technologies is must now a days it equips telecom service provider with agility to meet dynamic market demands and add enough automation to deploy and operate their computation infrastructure. The whole thing is based on software defined datacenters and cloud computing where server provider is allowed to host his own network elements and offered it as services to his enterprise customers.

Applications and Business Support Systems

AACID vision goes beyond communication and computation infrastructure, but also provide full applications stack allowing it’s partners (i.e. telecom service provider) to offer their end-users diversified vertical product and service portfolio without the hassle of investing in and maintaining new technology platform. Such applications include business support platforms, content delivery platforms, customer billing and management platforms and others.

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