Latest Press Releases

Latest Press Release

AACID & Niger Telecom sign BOT (15th of October 2017)

AACID & Niger Telecom signed a cooperation agreement to build, operate and transfer a complete mobile network of 3 million subscribers along with backbone and metropolitan fiber networks. A memora

MICT participated in the Nokia VAR workshop (8th of July 2018)

A team from AACID and its subsidiary MICT took part in the Nokia VAR workshop as part of the ongoing partnership between the two entities. The workshop included various Nokia solutions and products po

AACID obtained a Mining License in Sudan (12th of June 2018)

AACID is pleased to announce that the Government of Sudan has granted exploration License for gold exploration to AACID. The licenses entitle the company to operate its mining operations in three diff

The Presidency of the Republic of Sudan is considering the development of telecommunications infrastructure in the region (9th of May 2018)

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AACID, Mr. Kadhim Zain along with members from AACID Executive Team have attended a meeting at the office of Dr. Hassabu Mohamed Abdalrahman, Vice President of Su

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