Our Companies

Our Companies

Morgan Tel

Offer turn-key solution and managed end-to-end services to its customers, primarily focused on designing, implementing and operating mobile networks specifically in rural areas.

Morgan Zone

A licensed Wi-Fi Operator, offers communications, computing, and storage infrastructure products and solutions along with over-the-top applications.

Morgan Space

A licensed VSAT operator offers low cost satellite connectivity solutions in terms of: GSM backhauling; broadband internet access for all business sectors including; Mobile Operators; Enterprises, NGOs, Financial Sectors and Government entities.


Primarily focused on Agricultural and livestock production and fisheries, also aims to facilitate framing through providing infrastructure solutions for the middle-class investors.


In charge of delivering Niger Telecoms – the national telecom provider – the extension and operation of its mobile and fiber network for a period of twenty years, beside other local ICT activities for private and public sectors.


Is forming a joint venture with the national telecom service provider to offer mobile, fiber, VSAT and fixed services.


In charge of sourcing all needed equipment and materials from oversees with aim of unifying all AACID and its subsidiaries procurements to achieve economy of scale.

PB Africa

Specialized in Project & Business support services. The firm covers wide range of project support, from viability questions to operation and sustainment.

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