Our Identity

Our Identity

What We Do?

AACID Holding Company includes a number of shareholders and investors in the Republic of the Sudan and abroad, with a primarily view to invest in the exchange of benefits between the States of the region, therefore facilitate the activation of economic diversification, between the Arab States and Africa on one side, and the Arab Islamic finance funds and on the other side, through smart partnerships between the public sector and the private sector in the areas of agriculture, energy, communication services and infrastructure.


To make (AACID) a motivating factor and a key pillar contributing to the achievement of sustainable development in the African continent.


To build and manage secure and valuable investment portfolios in Sudan and Africa for projects of a diverse nature, aiming to ensure maximum benefits, fewer risks as well as economic, political, and social benefits for Sudan and countries in the region.

Our Ideology And Values

We Have an Ambition to embrace and drive Change while building Trust for Innovative solutions that add value with Excellence.

Ambition: to shape a sustainable future for Africa.

Change: we must think and act differently to create our brighter future.

Trust: We will never promise something we can't do.

Innovation: Our motto has always been innovation, not imitation, we turn creative and innovative thinking into reality, by introducing new ideas and solutions.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do and are passionate about delivering quality results.

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